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Overall, though, this app has been great! I've tried various other Mouse control tools such as BeterTouchTool and AirControl, but none of those come close to the experience of Touchless. Still the detection of whether I want to scroll or just tap could be a little more accurate. Switching between one and two fingers.

Dunno why this doesn't come packaged with the basic Leap software - controls are intuitive and easy to pick up or you can read the help guide. I've tried AirInput, and this gives much less false positives.

And it's free. Which is awesome. BTT is a very complex and really well built app, but it behaves bad with my configuration. For now I find Touchless a bit more convenient and stable. Also it's a huge plus that you can actually doodle with it in Photoshop.

Unable to control the Mac. Can't even select an application from the dock. Got a feeling there was pressure to release this by July 15, without adequate beta testing. I will not purchase any apps until the free ones work and excite me the way the concept did. The only reason I bought the Leap was it's seeming ability to control my Mac's interface.

At this point I truly feel duped by the promotional rhetoric and videos. I found it intolerably difficult to simply move the cursor effectively, harder still to do anything once I got it to the right place on my desktop. If's jittery, buggy and should have never left beta. This is my second day with the LEAP and I agree with most of the people that as a first timer, it takes time to learn how to use it correctly. A great advice I can give you is to set up the tracking priority to "Precision" instead of "Balance.

Just have fun, and as some one said: As I wrote this review inside Microsoft Word, I was able to scroll up or down by moving my entire hand towards the computer screen, then raising it up or down, but it was just as easy to manipulate the track pad the old fashion way. Through Touchless, you can do a "click" gesture by pointing a single finger towards the screen.

Leap Motion controller review

But I had a good time with it, anyway. Working in tandem with the music grooving inside iTunes, Swoosh simulates a spinning vinyl disc. Through gestures and movements, you can create reverb effects, or pause and restart a song. But for some reason, whenever I tried playing songs in iTunes after using Swoosh, the volume within iTunes was turned all the way down. I can't say it's easier reading The New York Times via their free Leap Motion app, than through more traditional methods. In fact, you feel slightly silly twirling your fingers in the air to navigate from one article to another, pointing and holding your finger to select what to read, and drawing clockwise circles to scroll up or counterclockwise circles to scroll down.

When you're done reading the piece, you shake your entire hand to escape, which isn't natural.

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For now, you'll need the Leap Motion controller itself to exploit the company's technology. But Leap Motion has struck deals with Asus and Hewlett-Packard to embed 3-D motion control into machines from those computer makers. There is no interface, it's just me represented here," Zagorsek said. You'll still rely on the mouse and keyboard most of the time. But with Leap Motion, you won't always have to. Small and clever controller lets you control your computer through gestures.

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Easy set-up. Gestures may take getting used to within specific apps. Assign actions to different gestures and make them correspond to what your favorite games are expecting. It currently supports 25 gestures, which can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts and your mouse.

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Created for OS X by AppCannon Software, Swish allows you to easily switch between different apps, control your music, and bind gestures to keyboard shortcuts and other pre-defined actions. Available for free on the Airspace Store, they allow you to browse the web, open applications and documents, and control menu items. You can join the conversation and let share your thoughts on our OS interaction forum thread.