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Thank you! MessageSave also supports exporting Contacts and Calendar in addition to migrating messages. Apple computers are becoming more and more popular. You see the silver MacBooks everywhere.

Importer le courrier électronique, les contacts et le calendrier à partir d’un fichier .pst Outlook

Apple's ad campaigns seem to be working very well as more and more people are switching from Windows computers to Macs. With that, they often have a need to bring their mail over to the new platform.

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  • The process is very simple:.

Outlook is the most popular email client for Windows. MessageSave makes it very easy to export your Outlook email and import it into a Mac mail client, such as Apple Mail, Entourage, etc. MessageSave preserves attachments, sender email addresses, message timestamps, multiple languages. Have you tried just to drag and drop the.

Create an olm file on a MAC

ReneLarsen yes, that was the first thing I tried. The test import I just did is like below: Select "Apple Mail" as the "Import data from": Select the outer root folder of the e-mails to import: Confirm the selection: The imported. - How to import .eml files into Mail? - Ask Different

Rene Larsen Rene Larsen 5, 19 Thanks, that works Or is that just me? I don't have any problems with the attachments - but I also only did a small test, where I exported some e-mails drag'n'drop - and the imported them again - two of them had attachments.

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I wish I had found this answer before all my failed attempts to convert a folder full of. Since the files were exported from Windows Vista Mail, it never occurred to me that "Apple Mail" was the option I should select. For some reason, when I try this, each. If you rename the parent directory to have a.

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