Baked mac and cheese egg rolls

If you don't know how to boil water and make this then you shouldn't be cooking. Once tender, drain and add 4 oz of Velveta Cheese and mix until thoroughly until melted. Grill up 4 Slices of Turkey Bacon and then put into a food processor and blend until fine like bacon bits. Honestly this step is completely optional and I thought the texture would make a difference, but it really didn't do too much. If it were real Bacon then I think it would be much more effective. The one time I will not vouch for turkey bacon as a substitute.

If the pulled pork is frozen thaw.

Mac & Cheese Egg Rolls

If it is workable and just refrigerated then you can just scoop right out of the plastic container and plop it onto an egg roll. The deep frying will heat anything up. Do this up to about 15 times depending on how much you fill them up. Nutritional Information: JP's challenged to create layers of mozzarella stick.

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Can he do it? This weeks recipe is for the pizza lovers out there. Competition is on. Who made the McRib better? Giant or Super Long? I am not too picky about it either.

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I still eat it out of the blue box, I make it homemade with all types of cheese, I just love it. For this I just cooked a bit of pasta and added a little milk and American cheese. Nothing fancy and you can use any leftover mac and cheese that you have. I know you are going to love it! I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to anything deep fried.

You just can beat that crispy outside and cheesy goodness inside along with the smoky bacon. Perfect for any party or game day get together.

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I love any kind of egg rolls. I make both savory and sweet varieties. Cook Time 10 minutes Prep Time 15 minutes Total Time 25 minutes Ingredients 2 cups macaroni and cheese, chilled 4 slices cooked bacon, crumbled 8 egg roll wrappers vegetable oil for frying barbecue sauce for dipping Instructions Heat oil in a deep fryer or Dutch Oven to degrees F. Mix macaroni and cheese and bacon together. Dampen edges of egg roll wrapper with water.

Roll up according to package directions. Cover with a damp paper towel until ready to fry. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Fry egg rolls, a few at a time until well browned, about 4 minutes.

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Drain on paper towel-lined plate. Cut egg rolls in half and serve with barbecue sauce. Nutrition Information: Join our mailing list and never miss a recipe!