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Contact us and a dedicated account manager will get back at you with the most suitable solution for your company's requirements within one business day. If you need a single license, or a fewer number of licenses most suitable for small companies you can get the Seavus Project Viewer from the Mac App Store.


Open project plans created in MS Project Support for Mac OS X Once you choose a plan, ProjectManager. After you import the MPP file, it opens in the online Gantt chart feature. All of your columns, tasks, resource data, etc. You can update the tasks, deadlines and resources online, and you can invite team members to collaborate on the MPP file as well. The data from your imported MPP file is instantly populated across the charts and graphs of the ProjectManager.

Why MS Project Is a Problem

Now that your plan has been imported into ProjectManager. We provide 10 different types of project reports, including expense reports, task reports, workload reports and more. Use our powerful tools to really examine the progress of your project. All of your updates will be reflected on the MPP file you export. MS Project is the standard project management tool for many project managers, but the expense of the software makes it an unrealistic solution for many industry professionals.

Is there a version of MS Project for Mac?

While there is MS Project Online that gives the software more flexibility than the desktop version, it adds another steep subscription fee for access. Beyond the financial impact, there are hurdles to clear in terms of just learning how to use the program, which is complex and not at all intuitive. Another problem you might encounter is finding compatibility for the numerous different versions of Microsoft Project.

The application supports mobile usage and cloud collaboration via Merlin Server , a secure server. Saas applications for project management have attracted more and more attention in the last years. Lots of producers offer their tools on a subscription basis and almost as many offer free versions for beginners.

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We strongly advise against using those free project management tools as alternatives for MS Project. Some of the saas applications may be a good fit for private use. They are nice task management tools but they do not allow a comprehensive project planning as they lack important elements like budget planning, resource management or a variety of different views i. Professional project management for free? Too good to be true. Better invest in a slick project management solution and be sure to benefit from all necessary features and an intuitive usability. You are already working with lots of different tools.

Keep your set of tools small to not loose time and nerves searching for information. If you are using Merlin Project or Merlin Project Express, you don't need additional project management tools. Therefore, you also do not need MS Project viewer.

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  • Every professional project management application should allow full version testing before buying. If you are looking for an alternative to MS Project your practical experience with other tools is an important part of your decision making. You can download and test Merlin Project for 30 days.

    Open Project files in Excel without Project installed

    Start your free trial by clicking here. If you are interested in Merlin Project Express, you can subscribe via AppStore and use the application depending on your subscription model up to four weeks for free before being charged. If you download the app via SetApp you will not be charged for the first month of use, either.

    3 Ways To View Microsoft Project Files On Mac

    Posted by Paul Henkel on January 29th, under project management Tags: More information Close. How to find the best MS Project alternative for macOS There is a wide range of project management applications available. We have put together several questions to get you started on your reflection process: Do you want to work online only or do you prefer to be able to access and edit your project data online as well as offline? Should project documents be readable on operating systems other than macOS?