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In the System Information window that opens, click the 'Change settings' link in the 'Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings' category. In the System Properties window that opens, click the Change button. The button is located next to the line of text that reads: Remember that the workgroup names on the PC and the Mac must match exactly. Click OK. A status dialog box will open, saying 'Welcome to the X workgroup,' where X is the workgroup name you entered earlier.

Click OK in the status dialog box.

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A new status message will appear, telling you that 'You must restart this computer for the changes to take effect. Close the System Properties window by clicking OK. Restart your Windows PC. From the list of sharing services on the left, select File Sharing by placing a checkmark in its box. In the Finder sheet that drops down, navigate to the folder you wish to share. Select the folder and click the Add button. Repeat for any additional folders you wish to share. Select a folder listed in the Shared Folders list. The Users list will display a list of users who are allowed to access the folder, as well as what each user's access privileges are.

To change access rights, click on the current access rights. A pop-up menu will appear, listing the access rights available for you to assign.

Share OS X Lion Files With Windows 7 PCs

Not all access right types are available for all users. The user can read files, copy files, create new files, edit files within the shared folder, and delete files. Read Only. The user may read files, but not edit, copy, or delete files. Write Only Drop Box. The user may copy files to the drop box, but won't be able to see or access the contents of the drop box folder. No Access. The user will not be able to access any files in the shared folder or any information about the shared folder. This access option is primarily used for the special Everyone user, which is a way to allow or prevent guest access to folders.

Select the type of access rights you wish to assign to the shared folder.

Windows 7 can see but not access OS X share

Repeat for each shared folder. With the folders you wish to share specified, it's time to turn on SMB file sharing. With the Sharing preference pane still open, and File Sharing selected, click the Options button, located just above the Users list. An authentication window will open. Enter the password for the selected user account.

Repeat for any additional user accounts that you wish to give remote file sharing privileges. Open the Network preference pane. Select the active network connection from the list of available connection methods. For most users, this will either be Ethernet 1 or Wi-Fi. Once you select a network connection method, the right-hand pane will display the current IP address. Make a note of this information. On your Windows 7 PC, select Start.

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In the Search Programs and Files box, enter the following: Run Press enter or return. In the Run dialog box, type in your Mac's IP address. Here is an example: If the Windows 7 user account that you are logged in with matches the name of one of the Mac user accounts you specified in the previous step, then a window will open with a list of shared folders.

If the Windows account you're logged in with does not match one of the Mac user accounts, you will be asked to supply a Mac user account name and password. Once you enter this information, a window will open displaying the shared folders. You can now access your Mac's shared folders on your Windows 7 PC. Continue Reading. Page content loaded. Jul 28, 5: I have almost the same problem. Called to Apple and stay for about 1h and 40min over the phone.

What a shame, tried everything and the problem persists.

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But suddenly, without any racional explanation, I gain access to macs folders. Ok, but not at all. Everything is fine when I work from the mac. Probably will go back to Snow. I am having the same problem. Have been searching the web for a solution, as well as posting to several Mac forums. However, it doesn't work for me. Also, when I try to do Step 9, the "Windows Security" window never appears - in fact, nothing at all happens.

Worked fine under Snow Leopard. I'm bookmarking this forum and will check back if anyone can come up with a solution. I assume this is a bug in Lion and have reported it to Apple. Jul 28, 6: Is there a place to review the list of submitted bugs somewhere? I'll do some digging as well as it clearly looks like a bug to me as well. Jul 28, 7: It work just fine on Snow, but doesn't on Lion. We have to expect Apple give us a fix or workaround to this problem very soon.

For me it is yes a big problem. I'll even complain about getting my money back in the case of a downgrade to Snow which I'll probably do.

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This major annoince is just the opposite of I like best in macs, that it is the friendly user experience. Thats it Too many problems. Backing up my files to downgrade to Snow. Jul 29, 4: I'm having a slightly different problem.

Connect to the Mac File Share from a Windows PC

Suddenly, it stopped working. I reviewed the information on the above link http: I turned off all sharing, rebooted, then turned it back on again. I am only sharing out two folders. I called tech support and spoke to someone who apparently didn't know very much, as he tried to blame it on the fact that the Windows machine is running as a VM, and that it's "Still sort of on the Mac". I tried to explain that things worked before the upgrade, and don't work now, but he was clearly at a loss to provide any useful information.

Jul 30, 4: This is an update to my previous post.

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It would appear that this "Promiscuous" file sharing is by design. In the File Sharing dialog box, it says:. It would seem that because my login account on the Windows VM is the same as my account on the Mac host, that Mac shares everything. I would like to see a checkbox that would allow me to turn this off, so that I only share specific folders, rather than giving the Windows VM access to literally every file on the Mac.

Jul 30, 7: Still can't see my MBP on my Win 7 system. Jul 30, 9: I ran into a similar problem today, I could mount my Win 7 shares without trouble, but for some reason I could not see the Mac on my network in the Windows network app, but it responded to pings as normal. About minutes later it just suddenly appeared and I could connect to my Mac without problem. This "appears" to be the case.

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