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It has also been suggested that BlackBerry users download an Android emulator.

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That emulator would then allow you to download a GBA emulator for an Android device, since your BlackBerry is moonlighting as an Android. This, of course, would take up a lot of space and would require a ton of work and patience, but if you really want to get that GBA emulator on your BlackBerry, then this is your best bet.

So, you ask, what's so great about GBA that someone would want to go through all this trouble? Well, GBA had some pretty sweet games that would simply be bomb to play during downtime.

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The Legend of Zelda: While getting GBA on your BlackBerry may be difficult if not impossible , there are a ton of different options to get your hands on a working emulator and a compatible device to play all the Game Boy games you want. MeBoy is a relaible resource for those looking to find an emulator download for their phone.

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Suggested emulator: Boycott Advance. Check out the video to see how to get it. For the PSP, there's an emulator called gpSP that you can install if you have custom firmware with 3. XX kernal. Check out the video and this guide for instructions on how to install it. You can find a list of emulators for PCs over on Emulator Zone.

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But common to all bugs is the required time, dedication, and ingenuity required. It has been been a few months writing my first two articles on Holy Grail bugs, and it would seem that the articles piqued interest in these bugs, possibly bringing renewed dedication and new insights and ingenuity into the process. As such, some of the biggest, toughest bugs across multiple systems have now been solved, once and for all. Lior did much more research on solving Pinball Fantasies and byuu dug up a forum post implying that there is in fact a three scanline delay when enabling background layers on the GBA.

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However, none of the issues have been conclusively resolved. Of course, the previous article only covers two emulated platforms. There are far more than just two emulated systems out there and along with them a large share more incomprehensible issues. After many months of delays mGBA 0. Some of the more prominent features include a library view, translations to German, Spanish and Italian, and many new debugging features.

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A computer must perform a series of initialization tasks when turned on before it becomes ready for use. Once these tasks, generally referred to as booting , are complete, control passes over to the main system. On many systems, especially on specialized systems such as video game consoles, there is a fixed set of initialization routines for the boot process stored in read-only memory inside the system. This is usually referred to as the boot ROM.

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When emulating a system, there are two ways to emulate the boot process. One approach is to initialize the emulated state to reflect the state of an already booted system. But from an accuracy-focused, low-level emulation perspective, starting the emulation from a clean slate and run the boot ROM directly is often more desirable. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, but the most notable disadvantage to the boot ROM approach is that it necessitates having a copy of the boot ROM itself.

Since the boot ROM is actual code and not a system design, it is potentially copyrightable and leads to concerns with distribution. Thus many emulators that use a boot ROM require users to obtain a copy separately from the emulator. Further, many systems contain protections to prevent the boot ROM from being directly accessed or dumped.

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All Nintendo handhelds have protections. But due to the complexity of these boot ROMs many emulators actually require them to be provided to run at all. However, these protections make it difficult to dump the boot ROMs.