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At this writing, supported only on Win 7 or newer 64 bit OS. A virtual wind tunnel that enables visualization of airflows around vehicles and objects with support for a variety of CAD file types. Provides import of DXF or other geometry point data. Elmer is a free open source multiphysical simulation software. Elmer includes physical models of fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, electromagnetics, heat transfer and acoustics, for example.

A free CFD software. From the maker: Flow visualization is provided through color maps of local Mach number, density, pressure, and temperature, including streamline plots. An aerodynamic force line instantly reveals the center of pressure of any configuration. MicroCFD can model vehicles in ground effect through a 2D simulation of flow along their centerline. Bodies of revolution such as spherical projectiles, bullets, space capsules, or rocket nozzles are tested in axisymmetry mode. Airfoil cascades can be set up for compressor or turbine blade profile analysis, and both supersonic ramp and spike inlets can be modeled.

It runs a boundary layer modeled, viscous, compressible flow solver for high Reynolds number flow with turbulent wakes. A CFD software that is available as both a free node-limited version and an unlimited commercial version.

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Software for analyzing the structure of a 3D model by constraining the model and applying loads. Often used in car design for analyzing torsional rigidity and load bearing. LISA is a free node-limited finite element analysis package for Windows with an integrated modeler, multi-threaded solver and graphical post-processor. A commercial version is also available. Free Finite element software for analysis of structures such as car chassis or other mechanical objects. Software for designing and analyzing suspension systems and geometry. Some software includes kinematic capabilities that simulate vehicle dynamics using the designed suspension.

Suspension design software is invaluable in car or truck design as it does the heavy lifting when it comes to the many iterations of manual calculation that are usually needed to find the ideal geometry. OptimumKinematics Suspension design software that enables 3D suspension geometry definition, setups and simulations.

OptimumG also sells vehicle dynamics simulation and tire modeling software programs. Visualization of the suspension motion, centers, tires and attachment points. Software for simulating motion physics in either 3D or 2D. Used in car design for problem solving and simulating vehicle behaviors on or off road. CarSim Mechanical Simulation Commercial-level software also in use at Universities used used to model full vehicle dynamics.

Rigs of Rods is an open source vehicle simulator which uses a soft-body physics model to simulate vehicles, machines, objects. A two-dimensional motion and physics simulation tool that includes motion sources motors, torques, etc. Image data set courtesy of Peter Spriggs. Car design studios of the future. Digital designs and automotive marketing.

Solutions for car design and automotive marketing.

How is car design software used? Aston Martin.

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Nissan Motorsport. Staud Studios.

Advanced manufacturing and generative design. This is where your mouse movements matter the most, and mechanical precision matters the least. Meshmixer is a powerful, free software that lets you sculpt digitally and mash different 3D models together.

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Mold and refine surfaces in real-time like virtual clay! Once again, we have the right tutorial for you to get started. Sculptris provides an excellent gateway into the exciting world of 3D sculpting. Its features are easy to learn, even for someone with no experience in digital art. Yet the 3D sculpting software is robust enough to create base models that can then be refined in other, more sophisticated applications later.

If this kind of modeling is your cup of tea, you will probably want to switch to the professional premium software ZBrush later on or you can also try one of these 3D scultping programs. In Polygon Modeling, your 3D object is basically a mesh based on vertices, edges, and faces.

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This allows for precisely editing parts of your object. By changing the coordinates of one or several vertices, you can change the shape of the model. That makes this way of modeling very powerful but also more difficult to start with. The most popular free software in this section is called Blender. The power of design freedom comes with a steep learning curve.

A premium software that is somewhat similar to Blender is Modo , which also comes in a free day trial version. This is the process where models are based on drawing lines or curves in a 3D space. By joining these lines or curves together you will define the surface of your object. This manual way of designing allows designers to create precise objects.