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You need to do a little work beforehand to get everything working.

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  3. Apple's Software Chief Details How iOS Apps Will Run on Macs.

Start up the iOS app first. This remote function offers a number of features.

The 6 Best iPhone Apps to Supercharge Your MacBook or iMac

You can even annotate the presentation using a number of colored pens. If you want to up your presentation creation skills, follow our great tips and tricks for making the most of Keynote on Mac.

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  • Use iTunes to share files between your computer and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch;
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  • Make sure to have BetterTouchTool installed and running on your Mac first. One of the best features of the tool is the ability to trigger a keyboard shortcut or a predefined action on the Mac. A built-in trackpad in the app which also supports multi-touch gestures allows you to easily interact with a Mac. The integrated file browser and launcher make it simple to browse and select files.

    How to View iPhone Apps on a Mac

    An in-app purchase unlocks all the features of the iOS app, while the Mac app offers a day free trial before needing to buy a license. Here's how to use your iPhone as a remote control. Read More under the couch cushions. As long as iTunes is open on your Mac, and Home Sharing is active, you can use the app to interact with your library of music and even control the volume.

    You can view music by artist and album and even search for a specific track. Beyond music, the More tab allows you access to other iTunes content like movies, TV shows, music videos, and podcasts. With these apps, you can harness the power of your iPhone or iPad to work even better with your Mac in a wide variety of tasks. These apps, features, and tips let you use them together in awesome ways! Read More. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

    Download & Install Apps to iPhone or iPad from Mac & PC

    Yeah it works great if you just need quick access, and the support call function can save you a trip across town to help someone with a computer problem. What am I missing? David David 2 Superb answer, terrible Apple. Al Dyniovska Al Dyniovska 4.

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    Gordon Davisson Gordon Davisson Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. It also says something about the health of the Mac's App Store, which has tens of thousands of apps but remains dwarfed by the the mobile App Store, which boasts millions of apps. Behind the scenes, Apple has been building tools third-party developers can use to port their apps from iOS to MacOS with what Federighi insists will be minimal effort.

    On the surface, it seems obvious that Apple might make some of its own apps available across different platforms. But behind the scenes, Apple has been building tools third-party developers can eventually use to port their own apps from iOS to MacOS with what Federighi insists will be minimal effort. Apple began this initiative around two years ago, and its own internal software engineers have been beta testing the tools.

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    These four iOS apps for Mac are the products of that testing. These efforts had been rumored before. Bloomberg reported at the end of last year that Apple was working on some sort of solution to let app makers build a single app that could run across both iOS and MacOS. But there were still questions about how these multi-platform apps would be developed and how certain interactions would work; using an iPhone touchscreen is different from using a mouse on on a Mac, for example. At a high level, Federighi described what Apple is doing as bringing an iPhone software framework over to Mac and making it native to Mac, rather than using some type of simulator or emulator.

    Both iOS and MacOS share a common kernel and have common sets of frameworks for things like graphics, audio, and layout display. But over time, each platform has evolved differently. The biggest and most well-known framework is UIKit, but that was built for iOS way back at the start and wasn't designed to address mouse and keyboard controls.

    Access all Files on your MAC or PC via your iPhone or iPad

    Just like developers are currently able to target an iPhone or an Apple TV as the device where their app will run, they'll soon be able to target the Mac as well. Even though the apps are being shared between operating systems, Federighi emphasized that your Mac won't start behaving like an iPhone. For app makers, some aspects of app porting will be automated and others will require extra coding. Using Xcode, Apple's app-making software that runs on Macs, a developer will be able to indicate they want to write a variant of their iOS app for MacOS.

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    • Certain interaction UIs will happen automatically, like turning a long press on iOS into a two-finger click on a Mac. App makers may have to do some extra coding, though, around things like menus and sidebars in apps, such as making a Mac app sidebar translucent or making share buttons a part of the toolbar. Even though the apps are effectively being shared between operating systems, Federighi emphasized that your Mac won't start behaving like an iPhone. Not every kind of mobile app will make practical sense on a Mac. You're not going to pick up your Mac and walk down the street using motion sensors to track your physical activity, for example.

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