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Writing images to SD cards is probably going to be most useful for Mac users who are setting up a RaspberryPi or another lightweight linux distribution, but there are certainly many other reasons to flash an SD card with an image as well. And yes, the flashed SD card will be bootable if the starting image is intended to be, like for a RaspberryPi.

Creating SD Card Images For Raspberry Pi in Mac - Make Tech Easier

You can write an. It can take a while to write an image to an SD card, depending on the card speed as well as the size of the disk image. In my testing when writing a 30 GB RetroPie. Super easy, right? And yes, you can turn that off in Etcher app settings if need be. But, to each their own. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Seems to not be limited to SD cards, correct? Yo not only for SD cards. Another good alternative is ROSA image writer.

Both are part of mine Mac stack: I usually use Apple Pi Baker but this looks really slick and I like that clean look. Thanks for this! Name required.

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  • The Bytes Read column will display the amount of data that has been read from the image. Compare that to the file size of the image to determine progress.

    Write an img file to an SD card in macOS

    If you are comfortable with the command line, you can write the image to an SD card without any additional software. Open a terminal, then run:. This may result in a dd: If this command still fails, try using disk instead of rdisk , for example:.

    Some users have reported issues with using this method to create SD cards, possibly because earlier versions of these instructions didn't note that it may be necessary to unmount multiple partitions on the SD card. Alternatively, open Disk Utility and unmount the partition of the SD card. Do not eject it. If you eject it, you will have to reconnect it. In the terminal, write the image to the card with this command, using the raw device name from above.

    Creating SD Card Images For Raspberry Pi in Mac

    Read the above step carefully to make sure that you use the correct rdisk number here:. If the above command reports the error dd: Permission denied , the partition table of the SD card is being protected against being overwritten by Mac OS. Erase the SD card's partition table using this command:.

    That command will also set the permissions on the device to allow writing. Now try the dd command again. Note that dd will not provide any on-screen information until there is an error, or it is finished.

    When the process is complete, information will be shown and the disk will re-mount. If you wish to view the progress, you can use Ctrl-T. Note that it must be formatted as FAT If you are using Mac OS X Click on it, then search for the BSD name in the lower right section. It will look something like diskn where n is a number for example, disk4. Make sure you take a note of this number. Unmount the partition so that you will be allowed to overwrite the disk.