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Sparrow for Mac Updated With Retina Display Support and Mountain Lion Compatibility

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Even the ads are laid out well to minimize eye-strain. Optimize the Calibration interface of Sparrow. Fix the Sparrow functional abnormality that the 12 seconds rotate video can't be stopped during its operation. Fix the M1 Preview interface flashing back issue when TF card is not inserted. Album optimization. Add the language setting function. Add the handheld gimbal abnormal alarm function. APP is set not to be dormant.

Add AEE M1 camera;. Remove the items of Product Parameters and Help. Gallery optimization. Optimize the Wifi password modification. Sparrow Japanese version update 2. Sparrow Add one-key calibration function 3. Gallery function update for some issues. Fix the UI display exception when the file download screen rotates; 2. Increase the video sharing function, you can upload to the major mainstream social networking platform to share video.

Fix the problem of the exception. Optimize some UI experience. I invest time and money into workflow changes after I've been convinced of their viability. I do not do so if it is apparent that whatever I invest especially in terms of time may need to be reinvested in the near future, as support updates are no longer issued to fix whatever problems may show up.

Working with abandoned tools presents a host of problems that get worse over time. I keep two full sets of vacuum tubes, some of which are obsolete and haven't been produced since the 70s, to keep my Hammonds running. These kinds of things are a hassle, but I get paid to deal with them. When I'm the one paying for them, whether in time or in money, or both, I try to minimize those kinds of situations in my life as far as possible.

Sparrow for Mac Gets Retina Support and Mountain Lion Ready

Now this I understand. Hopefully they haven't patented them Perhaps other developers might be thinking the same thing. Although I have just read: May be not such a great market for email clients these days? I'm not sure about the company not being profitable, this was a two men operation as far as I know. I don't think they had much expenses besides the development costs and Sparrow was quite popular, I am sure the company was at least profitable.

I'd also like to note that it is very rare for an American company to buy a French company because of how different the laws are especially labor laws so I imagine they might shutter the SARL. I too bough the Sparrow client for the desktop. The main reason I bought it is that both my wife's office and me personally, are Gmail based.

I don't mind using the web based Gmail, but she does not like one bit.


I guess she will use it until she can't anymore. I will probably switch back to Mail. I wish Apple spend some time to make it work better with Gmail. This is the basis for my own frustration on this issue, and I am not sure that any alternative that I have to incorporate into my work flow is as good as Sparrow. I wish there was a way for customers to make counter-offer when this happens, sort of a Kickstarter like thing where one could pledge to buy another license if only they continued development. Bare your heads and bseve a moment of silence. The latest version is crashing repeatedly for no obvious reason, something no previous version ever did to me, and now this I bought the thing in the first place because it was an independent effort, and now it gets bought out by the current incarnation of the Borg.

I have a feeling I shan't be using it much longer. Cro Magnon wrote: It might take an hour for all mails to be re-downloaded again, so expect some network activity and rebuilding of the search indexes.


If that doesn't help, hold out a short time while 1. Don't give them any ideas! Entegy wrote:. RIP Sparrow. Time to move on. Shamyl Zakariya. ClarkGoble wrote:.

Goddammit Google, you a scrub. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.

Smack wrote:. Michael Bushnell wrote:. Ars Praetorian et Subscriptor. Krueger wrote:. Shamyl Zakariya wrote:. Last edited by analogika on Sun Jul 22, 9: Cro Magnon. Cro Magnon wrote:. Senior Technology Editor et Subscriptor. Jump to: Montreal, QC Registered: Apr 9, Posts: Fri Jul 20, 4: Jan 11, Posts: Jul 31, Posts: Jun 22, Posts: Reefab Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: Paris Registered: Jan 18, Posts: Fri Jul 20, 5: Cali Registered: Jun 28, Posts: Feb 2, Posts: Shamyl Zakariya Ars Praefectus Tribus: Seattle, WA Registered: Feb 19, Posts: Natick, MA Registered: Sep 12, Posts: Fri Jul 20, 6: Nov 18, Posts: Fri Jul 20, 7: Smack Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor Registered: Jul 20, Posts: Fri Jul 20, 8: Tominator Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: Jun 21, Posts: Fri Jul 20, 9: Fri Jul 20, Jul 28, Posts: Sat Jul 21, 1: Sep 27, Posts: I am a pretty princess.

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