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Memory Card on PCSX-Reloaded

Hello everyone. Quick question. I have been trying to save on Metal Gear Solid, however, no luck. Thanks again! Remove Advertisement. Dec 9, Joined Feb 10, Messages 1, Reactions 0 Points 0. This has been reported to Debian twice: I don't see anything in ix I'm testing with release 1. The key part of the stack trace when the assertion fires is. This explains why the problem triggered with Debian's build of kernel 4.

So if there would be a way to specify memory layout so that psxRegs would end up always within 32bit address space, then it would fix it. However there's other issues that I see here.

Error on saving to memory card in PCSX-Reloaded

Dynarec core is implemented in a way that some game have bugs with that. Memory timings are not accurate there f. Then I feel it would be more simple to use interpreter core as default which is more compatible. If one has x CPU I am quite sure it is also powerful enough to run interpreter version. So easiest and best fix would be actually setting interpreter core as default CPU, and adding some notifications for the problems involved with dynarec core. That might be an acceptable stopgap fix for the Debian packages, at least.

Is it possible to select the CPU emulation back-end at runtime, or do you have to recompile pcsxr to do it? I see configure options that appear relevant, at least. Sets in pcsxr. MaddTheSane has declined patch Password protected archive, seems to contain a couple of PDFs. Vague, UUID description doesn't help. I have my keyboard configuration set to the j, k, u, and i keys, and I've been emulating that way for years.

PlayStation 1 Emulation on Mac OS X | Emulation on Mac

With PCSXR, however, I'm having this issue where whenever I press the i-key, the game speeds up to 2 or 3 times its speed, as if I had it set as a hotkey to fast forward. Note that when I set the i-key to a specific controller function, it still works properly, but it also causes the same speedup as usual. I press it again, it executes the function again, and it also slows down the game to normal speed. Is this a known issue?

Pcsxr Guide

Am I missing something obvious? I can't figure out what to do and I'm sure I've tried everything I can think of. Thanks, everyone.

The French version would be nice too. When I try, the game does not boot. I use pcsxr 1. I have not tried with Windows. Thank in advance for any piece of information. You will need the psx bios and configure it to use that instead of the HLE-Bios. If your on a 32bit OS you will need to use peops oss driver. After you get the peops oss plugin you can type "aoss pcsx" in a terminal to use the alsa oss compatibility layer if you hear no sound.

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If your on a 64bit OS you can try this modified plugin below. You can follow the instructions found here. Many thanks Solis for your quick answer.

Re: Error on saving to memory card in PCSX-Reloaded

I immediately tried your suggestions two days ago but I could not work on it yesterday. It helped a lot even though I have not found the full solution yet. The sound was choppy and the pictures was a succession of freezes and real movements alternating every few hundreds of ms. I tried the alsa 1. I therefore came back to the audio SDL plugin and worked on the video parameters. This driver leaves two annoying green bright vertical bars on the edges of the screen instead of the two usual black bars, but it is better than no Metal Gear Solid at all.

There is still a problem with my Microsoft XBox wireless controller.

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  5. When I press and release a button to access the item or arm menu L2 or R2 , the game stays stuck in the item or arm menu just as if I do not release the button. The only way to make pcsxr to believe that the L2 or R2 button is released is to maintain it constantly pressed, a little bit as if pcsxr confused press and release for the back buttons.

    Owning the BIOS image without owning the actual console is a violation of copyright law. You have been warned.

    PlayStation 1 Emulation on Mac OS X

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