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It supports a fair number of label types, but I find I have to make slight adjustments for some printers. This is the primary weakness that has stopped me from offering it as freeware or shareware. The interface could be improved, but it is not horrid. If you are interested for a free copy, email me at snit[at]cableone. I use iDress to print avery lables, it has a lot of options and for me, works very well.

It's shareware, I forget how much it was to register, though it was fairly inexpensive.

Avery releases DesignPro for Mac users; Free download

It has templates for every label style and size. You can print entire sheets, or partial sheets and start printing from the last unused label. Print Avery mailing labels Authored by: I was dreading trying to run my prehistoric MS Word 5. O templates on OS X on my new iMac, which were the only ones I had - but this seems to serve beautifully.

Not that I have the time to spend figuring it out but I bet there is a pretty reasonable way to create a CUPS filter to print through from Address Book that would give you a full sheet.

X actually does a great job look under the Tools menu -- but the original tip has a huge advantage over all of these except the Palm Desktop. There's no cut and paste. Once Address Book shows the address, there's your formatted label a click or two away.

How to Change Printer Privileges on a Mac | Your Business

No bother selecting name, copy, switch apps, pasting, then selecting address, switching apps, pasting, etc. I've searched the print dialog of Address Book and can't find a way. Can someone set me straight?

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Ok, if you don't need to print lables, but want to print an an envelope or batch , check out Snail Mail. It is integrated with the OSX address book and I am quite impressed Address Book is a major disappointment when compared contrasted with AddressBook 3.

That program would even print the bar code for U. Unfortunately, the original athor has passed away, and the reprted subsequent copyright owner apparently has not maintained its development. There you can select the Avery type and also Print a full page of the same address. You can save the sheet for further use. Try sBook. Just create an address book with your return address duplicated as many times as will print on a label sheet. Also, sbook allows you to select which label to begin printing on. Useful for those partially printed label sheets that we all have.

Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Print Avery mailing labels from Address Book Dec 04, '03 A customer of mine was asking me what would be a good app to print address labels from in OS X Panther. I was thinking and thinking when it dawned on me that you can now print mailing labels from withing Address Book in Panther. It was both exciting and disapointing at the same time because, although you can print labels to ANY Avery label, there is no option to print a full sheet of labels with the same address unless you duplicate the same card a zillion times and select them all.

If you haven't checkt it out, the label printing feature in Address Book is pretty nice. The ability to "Print return address sheet" would be quite welcomed here as well; I have an ancient FileMaker Pro database that's nothing more than our address repeated 80 times. I print a page from this every few months for our return address labels, and I'd love to be able to get rid of this excess database! The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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This site is not responsible for what they say. Avery labels from Appleworks Authored by: ChuckShotton on Dec 04, '03 I have an ancient FileMaker Pro database that's nothing more than our address repeated 80 times. Print Avery mailing labels?? Authored by: Makes my printer queue stop Authored by: I downloaded the same program 3x but it has stopped working after 5 mn.

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If I download the software for Mac can I import my old address files for my Christmas card labels. X will not open it. Hello Gilbert, I believe I have printed some of the sizes you have mentioned to package bottles, jars, and boxes for my small business. I use a lot of labels. I made that purchase at the end of February.

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Since then, no one at any Apple stores or tech support, no one at retailers of Avery supplies, no one at all, has been able to tell me if there is a label system that I can surely and safely use for printing the above noted labels. Can you help me with this unexpected, unbelievable problem. Yours truly Tony Brown. The only labels I use are the following sizes: