How to turn off voiceover on mac shortcut

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Locate and double tap Settings. Double tap General.

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Double tap Accessibility. Double tap Accessibility Shortcut. Double tap VoiceOver. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen.

My Mac Won't Stop Talking - How To Turn Off VoiceOver for Mac OS X | ATMac

Testing shows this feature may not work reliably when the device is locked. When this happens, the device announces VoiceOver's off status but stays quiet when toggling it back on. We recommend unlocking the device before triple tapping the Home button to toggle VoiceOver. The procedures in this quick guide were tested on an iPhone 4 running iOS version 4. This guide is loosely based on information found in the Triple-click Home section of the iPhone 4 User Guide.

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Control accessibility options with your keyboard and Siri

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I concur. Just now, I had to enable it in my iPhone 4s. Turning off VoiceOver iOS 8. Forum Topic - November 21, - Tim X - 2 comments. Browse By Tags Accessories Forum Topic - July 31, - Mike - 4 comments. Browse By Tags Accessories Apple TV 0. Apple Watch 1. Archive 1. Bluetooth Braille Gaming GPS 2.

VoiceOver Keyboard Shortcuts for MacOS

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How To Stop Your Mac Talking To You

This simple keyboard shortcut will Turn Off VoiceOver mode on your Mac and it will immediately stop speaking. In case you are unable to turn off VoiceOver by using the Command-F5 shortcut, it is likely that this shortcut has been disabled on your Mac.

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In the System Preferences Screen, click on the Accessibility icon. On the Accessibility screen, first click on Voiceover and then uncheck the little box next to Enable VoiceOver See image below.

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  8. In case required, you can completely disable the Command-F5 shortcut on your Mac.