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KU faculty, staff and students can sign up for courses at no cost at workshops. Would you like to see added or updated content on this site? Let us know by completing this quick form. Skip to main content. Sign-in to Skype. Phone Calls. Making and Answering Calls. Click on the contact's picture. Do one of the following: Click the Phone icon to call the contact using Skype for Business.

If the person has been enabled for Skype for Business phone service, it will call them via Skype for Business. If not, it will call their desk phone. Click the arrow next to the Phone icon and select a number. Call by phone number From the contact or phone view, enter the phone number in the search box as the digit number starting with the area code.

Press enter on the keyboard, or right-click and select Call. When you're finished with the call, click the red Phone button in the window to hang up, or just close the window. Answering a phone call When you receive a voice call, you will see and hear a notification on your computer, as well as your Skype for Business-enabled phone if you have one.

How to answer a phone call When someone calls you, an alert appears on your screen. To answer the call, click anywhere in the blue area. Click Ignore to reject the call and send to voice mail. Click Options to do other actions: Send the call to Voice Mail.

How to Make Your iPhone Default to Speaker for Calls

Click Mobile or Home to redirect the call. You must first set up your mobile and phone numbers within Skype for Business to see this option. Reply by IM to send an instant message reply instead of audio or video. Set to Do Not Disturb to reject the call and avoid other calls. These include: Setting up a Secondary Ringer - incoming call notifications will play both on your headset and a secondary device that you choose. Setting up Call Forwarding - incoming calls will be forwarded to another number, contact, team, or go to voicemail.

Setting up Simultaneous Ring - incoming calls made to your number will ring at your headset and computer speakers You can choose for call forwarding and simultaneous ring to occur: All the time default , or During work hours set in Outlook. You forward incoming calls by setting up forwarding rules. You can forward calls to: Voicemail, or Another number or to another contact, or a Delegate You can also choose to delay the simultaneous ring so that it first rings for seconds before ringing at another number, delegate, contact, or team.

Setting up a secondary ringer If you have a headset plugged into your computer that you use occasionally for voice and video calls, you might miss audible notifications of incoming messages. Launch Skype for Business. In the lower left corner of the interface, click on the drop-down by the icon with your audio device. Select Audio Device Settings.

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  • Transfer Call History from iPhone to a Mac or PC computer.

In the Skype for Business interface, click on the settings icon. Choose your call forwarding option. Those calls will not "ring" on your machine. Simultaneously ring will make it so the calls ring both through the Skype for Business desktop software and the other option you choose. Optionally, you can choose to apply the settings: Forward individual calls to another number: To set up additional numbers In the Skype for Business interface, click on the settings icon.

Choose Phones. Enter it as the digit number starting with the area code.

VoIP Apps For Free Calling on Mac

Optionally, choose whether or not to show the number on your contact card viewable to anyone using Skype for Business. Click OK to save.

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Forward an incoming call When you receive a call, a notification will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. Click Options and choose the number that you'd like to forward the call to. Turn off call forwarding Select the call-forwarding drop-down menu and select Turn Off Call Forwarding. Audio control options during a call: How to use the audio control options: Use the dial pad to enter digits during the call to interact with voice-prompt menus.

To put the call on hold, click Hold. To Mute , click the microphone button. To send the call to another number or park the call, click the Transfer button and select a contact or type a name or digit phone number starting with the area code. This option does not work to transfer a call to a Skype-enabled desk phone. To transfer a call Click on Transfer.

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  7. If you do not see this option, click on the grey phone icon and then click Transfer. Select a contact, or look up someone at KU by entering their last name followed by a comma and then first name in the search box, or enter the digit phone number starting with the area code in the search box.

    Select the contact or number and then click Transfer. A few notes about parking: Call parking does not work to transfer calls to a conventional or analog phone. Call parking times out after two minutes. At that point, the person who parked the call will be called again. Anyone waiting on the parked call will hear music. To park a call Click on Transfer.

    How to make phone calls on your Mac

    Click on Park the call at the bottom of the menu. You'll now see the number assigned to the call. Anyone using Skype for Business or Lync for Mac can enter the three- or four- digit number provided in the Skype for Business interface to pick up the call. You will receive a visual confirmation when they do letting you know who picked up the call and at what time. Click copy to copy the number. You could then initiate an instant message and paste the number into the message window. Click Retrieve to pick the call back up. Voice and Phone Calls You can use the Skype for Business desktop software or your Skype-enabled phone to make calls to people both internal and external to KU.

    Making a call. Call someone using a phone number From the Calls tab, enter the digit phone number starting with the area code by selecting numbers or inserting your cursor on the line above the dial pad and entering numbers with your keyboard. For best results: For international calls, you will still need to dial Select the formatted number then, select the phone icon. When the call is accepted, use the audio controls to mute, unmute, and so on. Right-click on the contact. Be aware there are many differing laws pertaining to recording phone calls, and it is entirely your responsibility to determine which is relevant for your situation and your location.

    Be sure to check your local laws before recording any phone call. Often, all parties need to consent to the call being recorded. When in doubt, get clear consent to record a phone call before doing so, or do not record the call. Failure to properly get consent for recording a phone call may land you into serious trouble, it is entirely your responsibility to determine what laws apply to you in your locality, state, and country. You will need a Mac with a built-in microphone or external microphone , an iPhone or Android, and a quiet place to make the phone call from. For better audio quality of the recorded phone call, you might want to try making a VOIP call from the iPhone or Android.

    VOIP calls usually sound better, which makes the audio recording of the phone call sound better as well. The major downside to recording phone calls on a Mac with this solution is that the audio quality is not going to be as high as it could be, and any other ambient sounds could potentially get recorded as well. Are there more high-tech solutions? Of course! You can do direct line audio capture from the iPhone with a microphone for your own voice, you could direct line capture from a phone call made from the Mac by way of an iPhone, or you could rig both ends of the call can use microphones to record their sides of the conversation which can then be pieced together in an audio editing app, or you could use fancy microphones to capture the speakerphone output as well, but each of those situations is more complex than simply using the Macs built-in microphones on MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, and iMac models , and the iPhone or Android built-in speakerphone feature.

    Do you know of another easy and simple way to record phone calls on a Mac? Share them with us in the comments below! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. But for recording a phone call, I like this approach though it is nice and simple.

    Often the simpler the better to record something. So many things want you to download another app, to plug in some cables, buy some adapters, yada yada, when all you need to do is something simple like this. The built in recorder on my Mac is quite good for audio quality so find yourself a quiet room and this works a treat. There are many reasons to record phone calls usually with all party consent but some areas allow single party consent, depends on the locality interestingly enough:.

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    These record both the audio and the video. Or just use any of various screen capture utilities. Unfortunately, most of the solutions I mention are not free. For free we could use Quicktime on the Mac or the new screen recording feature on iOS it does offer the option to enable the microphone to record with sound. Another option is the new built in screen recording feature on iOS devices, introduced as part of iOS It does have the option to turn on the microphone to include audio in the recording, which would be the audio of a phone call. Interesting you mention this. My iPhone X sometimes messes up phone calls too, lots of call failed, or crashes on the Phone screen, freezes and crashes when dialing where audio output and screen freezes up on my end but the caller can apparently hear me through the microphone, etc.

    The only solution I have found is to restart the iPhone X then make a new call.

    Often by the time the iPhone X has restarted I have a call coming in from the person I tried to call but the iPhone froze on, or they left a voicemail to see if everything is OK or if it was accidental because apparently it sounds like a pocket dial on their end. This would be very annoying to encounter when trying to record a call for a journalist or an interview…. Hopefully software update fixes it. Not doing so, and publishing these recordings in any form, can land you in federal prison.

    All communication via telephone is covered under the Federal Communications Commission laws, the key word being Federal. I cannot believe that OSX Daily published this so irresponsibly. Recording phone calls is complicated and often requires consent, but not necessarily what you make it. Federal law permits recording telephone calls and in-person conversations with the consent of at least one of the parties. See 18 U. Under a one-party consent law, you can record a phone call or conversation so long as you are a party to the conversation. See the State Law: Recording section of this legal guide for information on state wiretapping laws.

    All of this is in the news right now for other reasons… lots of noise and distraction as usual lol… but in short it often depends on the state. On a broader note the comments here are often hilarious.