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It has built in full background image and video functionality which is easy to edit and maintain. FeaturesAs IE8 do not support media queries, so it will not be responsive in IE8 , it will behave as a non-responsive. Invokr is a premium landing page template specifically designed to promote your products or services. Donation is premium and high conversion of landing page template made for charity fundraising or donation page. Suitable for social media company which serve social media Services or easily can be modified for another business, creative, portfolio page, or any purpose.

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Template is powered by jQuery. Galant is a premium and modern landing page template suitable for corporate, application, software, marketing.

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Applet is a professional App Site Template with boat loads of goodies. Quickly and easily deploy professional sites that are interactive and draw attention to your App. Lando is a clean landing page with facebook layout variation, you have 3 different layouts t choose from: AppShow is a slick new App Site Template that allows you to quickly and easily deploy an interactive site for your App with little work. This template has a modern and professional design with extra useful PSD elements and complete documentation.

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Download Landed! After you create a template, you can define your device configuration to be managed by using the quick templates, and apply these templates to the multiple devices. For example, when you configure a VLAN interface in a quick template, you can specify the variables VLAN and interface names for that template for a selected device.

Multiple AirWave Templates - Airheads Community

A cloned quick template is a copy of an existing quick template. You can use the quick template as a master copy to create clone of that template. When you clone a quick template, you create a copy of the entire device configuration, including its settings, and other contents. Cloning a quick template saves time if you are deploying device configuration that are similar to the master copy, rather than creating a template and defining configurations multiple times.

Use the Quick Template Details window to view the details of the quick template. You deploy the device configurations defined in a quick template after you have applied the template to a device. The View Deployed Templates option enables an administrator or an operator to view the list of templates that are deployed to the devices. You can mouse over the template name to view the date and time when the template was created and last modified.

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The View Deployed Templates page lists the deployed templates device in a tabular view. Depending upon the type of approval mode configured—Manual Approval or Auto Approval mode— you can either deploy the device configurations defined in the template directly or by pursuing an approval from a configuration approver for the device changes. The Deployed Templates For Device: All rights reserved. Navigation CLI Explorer. Table of Contents. Rate and give feedback: Feedback Received.

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Select All. This document helped resolve my issue Yes No. Additional Comments characters remaining. May we contact you if necessary? Need product assistance? Contact Juniper Support. Configuring and Managing Quick Templates You can create and manage custom templates for your device configurations that are deployable through Network Director. Table 1: Template Name Name of the quick template. Device Family Name of the device family for which the template is created. Description Description of the quick template.

Last Updated Time Date and time when the template was last modified. Last Updated By User name of the person who created the template. You can edit a quick template to modify configurations for your devices. Table 2: Description Provides a description of the quick template.

Device Family Displays the device family for which quick template is created. Table 3: View Deployed Template Column Description Template Name Indicates the name of the template whose configuration is deployed to the system.

Controllerless Networks

Creation Time Indicates the date and time when the template was created. Last Updated Time Indicates the date and time when the template was last modified. User Name Indicates the user name of the person who created the template. To view the list of quick templates that are deployed to a device: