Lan chat between mac and windows

Again — no yelling. Another cool feature that my older daughter uses often is the ability to send over files.


Seriously, as families, we should be having face-to-face conversations every day as much as humanly possible. There are lots of other things you can tweak — the software is very customizable, which is nice.

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You can even define hotkeys if you like. As you can see, this works great for families, but if you think about it, such an Internal messaging system is a great free alternative at work as well, as a replacement for software like Microsoft Lync or whatever other commercial app may be considered.

Do you think LAN Messenger might make your home a little more quiet? See applications for it in your small business?

Using LAN Messenger For In-Home Communications

Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. Image Credit: Key for Instant Messaging Via Shutterstock. Explore more about: Ethernet , Instant Messaging. Your email address will not be published. I downloaded LAN Messenger and when I try to use it I get an error message that the port needed is being used by another program. I am using Windows Any suggestions? I tried to change ports but could not figure out how to do so. I downloaded the LAN Messenger but when I try to use it it says that the port needed is being used by something else.

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I need help! Can u recommend me. Thank You God Bless. I need a messaging app for an elderly deaf man-- I need a visual alert, like something bouncing, for instance. And, because his eyes are not what they used to be, I need to be able to set a default font for him that is much larger than us sharp-eyed youngsters are used to: I know just enough to get myself into trouble-- would these be easy changes?

How To Chat Between Computers With Softros LAN Messenger

Or even possible ones? This app makes it easy and hassle-free to transfer files to other users within the network.

5 Best LAN messengers of 2018 for Windows 10

Group Contacts: You can also easily organize people in your contact list. This will make it easy to find people when needed. Log Messages: Previous conversations can also be archived, which you can access at any given time. Works without Server: One of the best things about this instant messaging application is the lack of server that is required, making it less complicated. Output Messenger is a chat that requires installation of the server part on one of the computers. No installation or configuration is required in Squiggle, which is ready to receive messages as soon as it is started.

In addition to standard chat, Squiggle also supports broadcast and private chats, chat groups to chat with multiple users together, and the bridge feature to connect two LANs to each other. The Windows PC program also allows you to transfer multiple files, send emoticons, audio alerts and even make voice calls. The only problem with this program is that it has not been updated for 3 years.

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This Messenger for Windows PC, Mac and Linux does not even need to be installed to work although it is recommended to do so and just start it to get in touch with other users who have started on their PC. The only requirement is to be connected to the same LAN network to chat. It is designed on a decentralized architecture, which means that no server is required for operation.

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You can start instant chats with individual users or converse with multiple users via the group chat feature. You can transfer files, there is a message history and there are options to customize.

LAN Messenger - Home

LAN Messenger does not require a central server for its operation, it uses the AES encryption standard with exchange of RSA keys for the security of messages and also supports broadcast messages single sending to more people. LAN Messenger includes many other features like file transfer, message logging and contact organization. With this program the free solutions of modern programs for LAN Chat are exhausted. If you need more feature-rich applications, maybe even support applications for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets as well as Windows and Mac PCs, we can report commercial programs.

Article source: Anita Mowery 30 May at Seony 5 July at Kiera Iqbal 20 August at Sophia Malik 7 September at Dicosta Sherry 4 October at Dicosta Sherry 19 October at Unknown 6 November at Unknown 7 November at Andrew Green 27 November at LAN Messenger can facilitate the intercommunication and file transfers anywhere in within the network, without the need to connect to the Internet or to a centralized server.