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Why you need the third-party program? To answer the question, we should firstly get to know the true reason that the Canon Vixia video can't be accepted by Mac.

Convert Canon Vixia HF M2TS to Mac MOV, MP4 with best quality

The Canon Vixia camcorder video codec is different from video codec of Mac series software. Easy tutorial for you to transfer video from canon vixia to mac: Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Centerblog Articles Blogs Images. Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter. Connexion Adresse du blog.

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I'm thinking of purchasing a 2TB x-drive, which should assist me with editing two events at a time. Another thing you should do is always make a "Camera Archive". You will see this on the import screen. This makes an exact duplicate of your memory card, so you can always have the original version and you can erase the card and use it again. This will be the same size as on your camera. Then you can import from this camera archive into an iMovie Event for editing.

Some people will delete their events after finishing a project figuring they can re-import from the archive if they ever need the event footage again. Personally, I tend to keep all my events.

Jun 12, 6: I have been buying new mem. I think I've always been a little paranoid that by reformatting and reusing the mem. Jun 12, 7: When you make a Camera Archive, it makes an exact duplicate of the camera card, including all folders - even the empty ones.

Connecting to the Computer and Uploading your Videos

It is necessary to do this, because iMovie needs the entire folder structure to determine which camera it is. Saving the cards is OK. I am in the habit of saving the archives on an external hard disk. I also keep an off-site copy of thise as backup. External drives cost about 10 cents a gigabyte, where SD cards are a little more expensive. I reformat my memory card immediately after I create the Camera Archive and convince myself that the import will work.

I have found that if I reuse the card too many times without reformatting, the card will become fragmented and unusable. This would not be a problem in your case if you are only using the card once. But these cards are generally FAT32 format, so they can definitely get fragmented so it is a good idea to reformat at least every third time you use it. I do it every time so I don't have to think about it.

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Import and play Canon Vixia HF G10 AVCHD onto Nokia N9 MP4

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