Post failure during the hardware stage of the mac os x startup process

My email is namizich gmail. What is going on? I have a Macbook Pro, It has had a new hard drive now, as the old one died, I also apparently have a new motherboard because there is a generic problem with my competer models boards so this was replaced free of charge. My problem now is that when I turn on my compter it takes ages of just freezes showing a world flashing.

This is made worse If i have the internet connected. If i desonnect the internet I am able to resart my compter and it will eventually startup. I have so much work to do but I can not trust my machine. What s wrong with my computer?

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That is: Norton finds the Desktop Folder is to blame: How can I resolve? If I start from a CD, all data is just there as normal. Hi, I have a quick question and am hoping someone might me able to help?! I have a MacBook Pro and it is locked with a password. Both times I turned the computer off and it flashed really bright and made a clinking noise.

I turned it on later and it worked fine. If not, is there anyway to turn off the computer more safely?

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  6. I recently tried to change the permissions on the main OS drive where you click get info and allow everyone to read and write and I applied it to all enclosed items…what happened was a series of windows saying such and such software was improperly installed please reinstall it…. I had to click ok for 2 straight minutes… so I tried repairing disk permissions while it was still running…it would just kick up the same windows as mentioned above and stall the permissions task… so I tried to restart the computer….

    I have not successfully got safe boot working, once it gets past the loading bar it goes to staying on the gray logo screen forever…. Is my only hope reinstalling the OS and losing all my data? Would upgrading to the latest OS help? Celebrate Presidents Day with new gear, lessons and apps [Deals]. General-purpose computers are terrible for creativity [Opinion]. Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs says Apple is finally debt-free. AirPods 2 in a new color could soon launch alongside AirPower.

    Art of the commute: Score sweet deals on apps and gear for Presidents Day [Deals]. How-To Top stories Clues to the causes of Mac startup problems can be found by analyzing when in the boot process the system fails. Leave a comment. Phoenixfix87 says: March 9, at 2: Nick amizich says: March 25, at 7: Tandmonthelake says: April 6, at 9: Mily says: April 12, at 3: Gregory Henwood says: April 16, at Adam Rosen says: Evan Thomas Lightcap says: May 21, at 7: Dames says: June 11, at 6: February 20, at 6: February 25, at 6: Published Date: Fri Nov 02 Yes No.

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    Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems

    However, in this case the booter and the cached kernel information must be downloaded from the NetBoot server. This process is indicated by a small, dark gray spinning globe icon below the Apple icon. The globe icon is replaced by the standard spinning gear icon once the kernel has been successfully loaded from the NetBoot server. Finally, if the booter is unable to load the kernel, a dark gray prohibitory icon takes the place of the Apple icon. Again, troubleshooting this issue is covered later in this lesson.

    Once the booter has successfully loaded the kernel and essential KEXTs, the kernel itself takes over the startup process. A spinning gray gear icon below the Apple icon indicates the kernel startup progress. Finally, the kernel starts the first normal nonkernel process, the system launchd , which is ultimately the parent process for every other process.

    The appearance of anything besides the white startup screen with the Apple logo is an indication that the kernel has fully loaded and the launchd process is starting other items.

    How to fix common Mac startup problems [MacRx]

    Again, in most cases the kernel is loaded by the booter from cached files. Once the kernel is up and running, the Mac is ready to start running processes at the behest of the system and eventually human users. In UNIX terms, the system launchd is the first parent process that spawns all other child processes, and those processes go on to spawn other child processes. The first task for the system launchd process is to complete the system initialization by starting all other system processes.

    Stuck in Boot Loop on the Mac ? | Tech-Talk-Tone

    However, beginning with OS X v If you have a Mac system with multiple displays you may also notice a brief white flash coming from the secondary displays. The launchd process is designed to expedite system initialization by starting multiple system processes simultaneously whenever possible and starting only essential system processes at startup. After startup, the system launchd process automatically starts and stops additional system processes as needed.

    By dynamically managing system processes, launchd keeps your Mac responsive and running as efficiently as possible.

    Learn more about launchd by reading its manual page in the Terminal. Apple strongly encourages all developers to adopt the launchd system for all automatically started processes. But the system launchd process also supports legacy startup routines.

    Single User Mode command to fix Mac that stucks at Apple Logo with a loading bar during Startup

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